Small Macrame Wrap Terracotta Pot from Bangladesh


Small Macrame Wrap Terracotta Pot from Bangladesh. 

Macrame is a type of textile formed by knotting. Cord made of cotton, linen, hemp, jute, leather, or yarn is woven using knots to create macrame. This wrap is made using jute rope in a diamond pattern. Wrap adds a unique eye-catching detail. It can also be removed for an all white terracotta pot. Jute macrame wrap can be used for outdoors.

Terracotta pot is hand formed and painted white on the exterior. The interior of the pot has a natural terracotta color. Terracotta pot has a drainage hole at the bottom and a saucer is included with the pot. Small pot measures 8" in height and 9.5" in diameter. Also available in large size.

This pot and macrame holder are made by artisans in Bangladesh.