Small Mandala Pattern Black Candle Lantern from India


Large Mandala Pattern Black Candle Lantern from India.

This candle lantern is handmade from recycled iron sheet. Iron sheet is cutout with an intricate geometric mandala pattern and formed by hand to create a candle lantern. Candle lantern is finished with copper paint on the interior and black paint on the exterior. The exterior is sanded to create a rustic look. Mandala patterns are geometric symbols ancient to hindu culture and are used in meditation practice to improve focus and attention. This candle lantern makes a beautiful mandala pattern when candle light glows through it. Light a votive or LED tea light to create your calm meditative space.

This product includes one black candle lantern in small size. Small candle lantern measures 4" in height and 3.5" in diameter.  This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

This candle lantern is made by artisans in India.