Small Maasai Beaded Wedding Collar Mirror from Kenya


Small Maasai Beaded Wedding Collar Mirror from Kenya.

Bead working is an essential part of Kenyan culture and particularly of Maasai tribe. Maasai women create and wear beautiful beaded jewelry and ornaments to signify their age, relationship and social status. Bead working is a tradition carried only by women and today, bead working plays a significant role in empowering the women tribes of Kenya. 

This mirror is an example of contemporary beadwork. When a girl gets engaged in Maasai tribe, the mother of the bride makes two necklaces. One of the necklaces is a wedding collar. The wedding collar is a round beaded leather necklace with a protruding square in multicolored beads. Each bead color carries an important significance. The wedding collar with black borders and triangular shapes is a tradition of showing the map of the houses of bride's village when she leaves to go to her husband's village. This mirror uses the traditional wedding collar to create a unique and colorful decor piece. Small mirror measures 13" in height and 10" in width. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

These beaded mirrors are made by women artisans in Kenya.