Short Green Beaded Tabletop Christmas Tree from Kenya


Short Green Beaded Tabletop Christmas Tree from Kenya.

Bead working is an essential part of Kenyan culture. Tribal women of Kenya create and wear beautiful beaded jewelry and ornaments to signify their age and social status. Bead working is a tradition carried only by women and today, bead working plays a significant role in empowering the women tribes of Kenya. 

This product is an example of contemporary beadwork. This trees is made by sculpting and beading festive colored red and green beads to a silver colored wire. This tree will bring a pop of festive energy on your table top. Short tree measures 13.5" in height, 4" in length and 4" in width. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

These beaded trees are made by women artisans in Kenya.