Set of Three Kashmiri Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments from India


Set of Three Kashmiri Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments from India.

Paper mache in Kashmir, India is a handcraft that migrated from Persia and Central Asia. Paper mache is the art of transforming paper pulp into intricately decorated handicrafts. It is art produced by the teamwork of two sets of artisans. The first set of artisans, Sakhta-saz, make the plain paper mache product by pounding discarded paper, cloth, a stalk of the rice plant, copper sulfate, and rice-based glue. The paper mixture is placed in the desired molds and shaped for the next set of artisans, Naqqashi. Naqqashi's layer the mold with butter paper and basecoat to prepare the mold for decorating. They use organic and vegetable dyes to decorate the molds with intricate details of locally available produce such as apples and pomegranates, and also of locally present flora and fauna such as lotus pods and fish. 

This is a set of three paper mache Christmas ornaments in yellow, red, and blue. Each ornament is decorated with a unique floral pattern. These ornaments will add artistic detail to your Christmas tree. Each ornament ball measures 2.25" in depth. This is a handcrafted item, so the product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

These paper mache ball ornaments are made by artisans in Kashmir, India.