Set of Four Indigo Hand Block Cotton Napkins from India


Set of Four Indigo Cotton Napkins from India.

Indigo cotton napkins are made by a traditional technique called resist handblock printing or Dabu printing. In resist handblock printing, cloth is printed with a mixture of mud, tree gum, wheat powder and lime, and sprinkled with saw dust. The cloth is then dried and dyed indigo. The cloth absorbs the indigo dye except where the fabric is printed with the mud mixture. When the mud is washed, it reveals the indigo dyed fabric showcasing the mud pattern with fabric's natural color. 

These are a set of four cotton napkins in indigo with four different floral patterns. Each pattern is made by dabu or resist handblock printing. Each napkin is a 20" wide square. Prior to first use, we recommend washing the napkins in cold water with vinegar. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly from images.

These napkins are made by artisans in rural India.