Mini Steps Pattern Sisal Basket with Lid from Rwanda


Mini Steps Pattern Sisal Basket with Lid from Rwanda.

Sisal is a member of the agave plant family. Sisal fibers are extracted from the leaf, cleaned, and dried before they begin hand weaving. These baskets are made by wrapping sisal fibers around locally harvested grasses.

This mini lidded basket is made by wrapping sisal leaf fibers in black and sand color. The black dyed sisal fibers are wrapped to create a steps pattern on the basket. The basket measures 6" in height, 9" in height with lid, and 5" in diameter. Use the basket to store trinkets on your bookshelf or for makeup brushes on your vanity. These baskets are traditionally used for gift giving and are proudly displayed in Rwandan homes. This is a handcrafted item, so the product may vary slightly in color and craft from images.

This product is made by artisans in rural Rwanda.