Medium Banana Leaf Zig Zag Pattern Tray from Rwanda


Medium Banana Leaf Zig Zag Pattern Tray from Rwanda.

Banana trays are made from locally gathered banana stalks and banana leaves. Artisans hand stitch banana leaves around the banana stalks using a special handmade needle to create the tray. 

This is a medium banana leaf tray with zig zag pattern interior. The zig zag pattern is made by using natural banana leaves and black dyed banana leaves. The zig zag trays have a modern look with their contrasting patterns. Tray has varying shades of brown as they are made from dried natural banana leaves. Medium tray measures 14" in length, 9" in width and 2.5" in height. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. If tray is wet, allow it to dry in the sun. This is a handcrafted item, so the product may vary slightly from images in color and craft.

These trays are made by artisans living in rural hills of Rwanda.