Large Mosaic Tile Ceramic Bowl Candle from Iraq


Large Mosaic Tile Ceramic Bowl Candle from Iraq.

Ceramic Bowl is inspired from Iznik pottery. Iznik, a town in western Anatolia or Modern Turkey, is an established center for traditional hand-painted ceramics. Iznik pottery is known for simple earthenware with cobalt blue hand-painted designs under a transparent clear glaze. This ceramic bowl is an adaptation of Iznik pottery of a mosaic tile using traditional cobalt blue colors.

This hand-painted ceramic bowl is hand-poured with slight scented lavender wax by women artisans in Iraq. This candle bowl measures 6.25" in width and 3" in height. The candle is provided with an all cotton wick. This product is shipped in a bright colored box and is perfect for gifting. The ceramic bowl can be used as a succulent pot or a decorative trinket bowl when the candle is finished. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images. 

Candle is hand-poured by women artisans in Iraq.