Set of Cylindrical Terracotta Pots from Bangladesh


Set of Cylindrical Terracotta Pots from Bangladesh.

A collection of cylindrical terracotta pots with modern geometric patterns. When fairly coarse, porous clay is fired, it assumes a color ranging from dull ochre to red. This baked clay is called terracotta and is popularly known by its color.

These cylindrical terracotta pots are made by hand, etched with geometric patterns, baked, and then white washed to create a simple rustic look. Small Cylindrical Pot measures 6 1/2" in height and 7" in diameter and Large Cylindrical Pot measures 8 1/2" in height and 9" in diameter. These terracotta pots do not have a drainage hole in the bottom and are ideal for indoor or patio. Also, check out mango wood planter stands in our store to display these pots.

These are handcrafted items and each product may vary slightly in color and craft from images.

These terracotta pots are made by artisans in Dhaka, Bangladesh.