Brown Leaves Pattern Gourd Bird House from Peru


Brown Leaves Pattern Gourd Bird House from Peru.

Gourd bird houses are made from dried gourd fruit. Each bird house differs from another as they are made from naturally available gourds. Gourds are color dyed, burned and hand carved with intricate details. Burning the gourds is an ancient Peruvian technique to bring shades of black and brown detail on the gourd. 

This gourd bird house is dyed in brown and black color and is hand carved with leaves pattern. Each bird house measures approximately 9" in height and 5" in diameter and can vary. It has a jute fiber hanging loop on the top and small holes are provided at the base of the bird house for air circulation. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

This bird house is made by rural artisans in Peru.