Set of Three Basket Bowls from Uganda


Set of Three Basket Bowls from Uganda.

Basket making is a traditional craft in Uganda. Baskets are made using natural and locally available materials such as banana leaf stalks and raffia fibers. Raffia fibers are extracted from dried raffia palm leaves. Natural and dyed raffia fibers are wrapped around dried banana stalks to form a pipe like structure. This pipe is then coiled to create a basket, coaster or trivet. Each pattern on the basket is designed by how the raffia fibers are wrapped around the banana stalks.

This is a set of three baskets. They add beautiful patterns and texture to any living space. Bowls can be used as fruit bowl, centerpiece bowl or as a wall decor. A small loop is attached to the basket to hang on a wall. Bowls can be nested for easy storage. Small handwoven basket bowl in turquoise color with flower pattern measures 12" in diameter and 3" in height. Medium peach basket bowl with radiant pattern measures 14" in diameter and 4" in height. Large black basket bowl with leaf pattern measures 17" in diameter and 5" in height. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

These basket bowls are made by artisans in Uganda.