Orange and Black Pot Basket with Leather Handle from Ghana


Pot baskets are exclusively woven in the Bolgatanga region in Northern Ghana. They are made from Elephant grass, a tropical grass that grows in the African grasslands. Elephant grass is dyed, dried, twined and woven into a basket. Grass straws are carefully selected by the weaver before weaving. It takes 3 days to weave a pot basket. 

This is a hand woven pot basket in orange, aqua blue and black elephant grass with leather handle. Basket measures 9" in height and 14" in diameter.

Pot baskets are folded and shipped. They need to be reshaped before use. To shape, wet the basket for one minute under running water and let it sit for five minutes. When the basket is moist and pliable, you can shape the basket in desired style. Elephant grass is durable and can sustain the folding and reshaping. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. This is a handcrafted item, so product may vary slightly in color and craft from the images.

This product was made in Bolga, Ghana.